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Grunkans Adventures

CoEd Ages 9-15
6:1 Staff Ratio
Weeks 2-10

For the Camper that can't just pick one Adventure Camp, here is the "Best-of" Reel!  This is the proud off-spring of Duncan's Adventure & Gresko's Adventure, now combined into one wet 'n wild week.  Here is the "every camper" week where campers get a chance to sample some of the most popular activities Calleva has to offer. Unlike our Sampler Camp, Grunkan's Adventure DOES have an overnight along with its great line-up of LAND & WATER activities. A favorite amongst instructors that can shift adventures depending on conditions and areas, this mix of activities keeps campers on their toes! Campers get a healthy balance of staying dry, while also jumping in the water when the temperature starts to soar. Since campers are trying different activities, we try and keep this camp more fun and introductory than delving deeply into hard technical skills. 

The Week 3 Overnight is:
Activity: TBD 
Camp: TBD
See Needslist below 

Basic Itinerary:

  • Day 1,2,or3: Raft @ Harper's Ferry
  • Day 1,2,or3: Climb @ Sugarloaf, MD
  • Day 1,2,or3: Canoe @ Potomac River (Riley's Lock to Penneyfield Lock)
  • Overnight options: TBD @ some wild and wonderful place!

Basic Needslist: All campers are expected to bring everyday: Water Bottle, Shorts and T-Shirt, Bathing Suit and Towel, one pair of Closed-Toe Water Shoes, Lunch & Snack. Optional: Shade hat, Sunglasses w/ strap, Personal Bug spray & Sunscreen. Flip-Flops & Crocs are not suitable. Calleva provides all safety/technical gear.

Basic Overnight Needs: Sleeping Pad, Sleeping Bag, change of clothes, Flashlight/Headlamp, Cup, Bowl, & Spoon, Toilet kit. Warm Jacket, Rain Gear.  Shop local and purchase from Hudson Trail Outfitters aka "HTO"!

Special Considerations: This is a Sampler Camp with an overnight! Although this camp is primarily Land-based, all campers will have the opportunity to cool off in the water at some point in the day. Daily itinerary may shuffle order, but activities will remain those listed unless weather or environmental conditions prevent them.

2015 Instructor: TBD