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Calleva’s mission is to get people of all ages outdoors, promoting personal growth, group cooperation & environmental stewardship through educational & challenging experiences on the river, trail & farm.

Now hiring: Fall staff!

The cooler weather this week has us ready for the fall season at Calleva! We are preparing for the change of seasons, and the change in staff that comes with it. As sad as we are to see many of our excellent summer staff leave, we are looking forward to working with great new employees. If you love working in the outdoors with a close knit group of people, we highly recommend applying for a job with us for the upcoming season. Check out our employment page for more information about where to start!

Calleva Programs


Calleva leaders understand the essential connections between past, present & future. We emphasize tradition and strong community connections in everything we do, from sustainable farming to teambuilding.

Calleva Programs


Resource conservation is an essential component in Calleva programs. We build Leave No Trace ethics into every wilderness program and practice environmental sustainability in our farming, equestrian & green building programs.

Calleva Programs


Adventure & exploration are at the heart of our work. Every day, Calleva introduces people to new places & new experiences, encourages risk taking, empowers leaders, and teaches new skills.

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9 Lessons Learned at Council

Council is an integral part of Camp Calleva. Every morning and afternoon, we put aside everything that separates us. Whether we like to kayak or cave, are into riding horses or growing green, yell Laceval or Vellaca, at council we come together as one to reflect on our time at camp and...

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A Selfie Salute to Lisa Thuro

Lisa Thuro wears many hats at Calleva. From camp nurse to bus director to yoga instructor, there isn’t much she hasn’t done. But one of the most important roles she’s taken on in her years here is a loving, kind mom, not just to her own kids, but to all of us staff members. She is also...

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